LISTEN: Steve Lewis Shares “Mister Universe”

New album, Exit to Mystery, due out September 8th

Steve Lewis (Image: Broken Hip Records)

Steve Lewis, a former New York City session man now based in Nashville, has a fantastic new LP coming out in September called Exit to Mystery.

Similar to the works of such modern day rock troubadours as Kurt Vile and Mac DeMarco, Lewis crafts songs that straddle the line between simple and complex, offering grooves and riffs made to move hearts and minds. 

“These songs came together out of a desire to reach people emotionally” says Lewis. “There are stories here, but also questions, feelings, and vibes… like where does love come from, and where does it go?”

Rock & Roll Globe is honored to premiere the new single from Exit to Mystery, the psychedelic doo-wop number “Mister Universe,” today on the site. Fans of The Crests and King Gizzard alike will no doubt be enchanted by this tune’s out-of-time melodies.

“‘Mister Universe” was created out of frustration with the answers we get from conventional sources – most of society’s thoughts on the great mystery leave you scratching your head,” Lewis explains of the song’s thematic premise. “So the lyric is just a plea to whoever is out there to come give us some advice, or a toolbox to deal with this life. The song started its life as a croony cocktail number, but eventually made its way to the upbeat early-rock sound we now hear on the track.”

Check out the trippy video below.

Exit to Mystery is out on September 8th on Broken Hip Records.


VIDEO: Steve Lewis “Mister Universe”




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