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Ghost Bitch on cassette (Image: K Records)

Calvin Johnson, frontman for the great American indie pop group Beat Happening and longtime proprietor of K Records, rarely does interviews.

So when he offered us a quote extolling the virtues of Ghost Bitch, whose unrelenting, fuzz-kissed K debut Blood and Honey comes out today, we didn’t hesitate to hear his thoughts on the latest act to join his iconic indie imprint.

“Ghost Bitch? Gawd, cement mixer rock with a lot of grave scraping sounds. Howls, too,” he tells Rock and Roll Globe what he thought about the sound of Ghost Bitch. “From the moment I first witnessed Ghost Bitch in the basement of a scabirous punk house it was obvious they were Olympia’s latest lesion in a long line of torturous soundscapes, raw and unfettered – – – only more so.  I’ve found no dinner party is complete without Blood and Honey [KLP282] thrumming in the foreground. Remember when The Stooges used to chew wads of Bazooka Joe bubble gum, stand in a circle on stage, blow one BIG collective bubble and float above the crowd in a hail of feedback? Like that only better, Ghost Bitch.”


VIDEO: Ghost Bitch Live from 1611

Ghost Bitch, born Stasia Kowaleski of Silver Spring, MD, is gloriously reflective of the ramshackle lo-fi flavor that Johnson had built K Records on 40 years ago in 1982 in Olympia, Wasington. She joins an elite group of women on the label, including Bikini Kill, Lois Maffeo, Miranda July, Kimya Dawson and Shonen Knife to name a fraction, bringing the label’s lifelong championing of women in rock to this second decade of this third decade of the 21st century.

Kowaleski, who fled a stifling music and art scene in Brooklyn as a Pratt Institute student, saw Olympia, WA, as the perfect locale for which to conjure Ghost Bitch.


VIDEO: Ghost Bitch “My Wings”

“I was disillusioned by the art scene in NY because I felt the artists were motivated by money and careerism,” she explains. “I didn’t feel a sense of community  and was overwhelmed by the isolation and chaos of NY. Olympia seemed the polar opposite of New York, I definitely found community here. I was particularly impressed you could start a band and play a show the next week.” 

Ghost Bitch will be touring the East Coast in early spring 2022, around the time of Blood and Honeys release date. Keep an eye peeled for Ghost Bitch. For many it will be a dream inside a nightmare.

Order Blood and Honey on cassette via BandCamp.

Listen to the whole LP below.



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