LISTEN: Bobby Halvorson and Tim Heidecker Go For Baroque

Check out the premiere of the duo’s fantastic cover of an Association classic

Bobby Halvorson feat. Tim Heidecker “Never My Love,” George Records 2022

Laughter and melody are two of the great aphrodisiacs to consider this Valentine’s Day.

And Sacramento’s own Bobby Halvorson brings them both to you in a double shot of love on his fantastic new single, a cover of The Association’s pop classic “Never My Love” in collaboration with indie comedy genius Tim Heidecker. 

“I worked with Tim Heidecker on his Another Year in Hell EP a few years back,” Halvorson tells Rock & Roll Globe. “And he and I geeked out about bands like The Association, The Kinks and others from this era. I knew he could get a great 60s rock sound from his voice so I asked him to join me and I think he killed it. It was super fun arranging this one.” 


AUDIO: The Association “Never My Love”

For Bobby, there was simply just something about the Piccadilly timbre of “Never My Love” that called out to him.

“This is one of those tunes I hadn’t heard in years and then my girlfriend played in the car one day and I had one of those ‘oh man, I love this song’ moments,” he explains. “It’s just such a great baroque pop jam. When I listened closer, I noticed how insane the vocal arrangement is and had to take my own stab at it. I added some strings and harpsichord to really dive into the baroque elements of it. I wasn’t going to attempt to recreate that rad organ solo in the original, which mixes rock and classical amazingly well.”

In addition to releasing this special one-off single, Halvorson is also working on an upcoming record set to be released in mid 2022 that deals with issues like mental health struggles and finding love during a global pandemic.

But for now, you can celebrate V-Tine’s Day with this updated, spot-on spin of the Addrisi Bros. gem below via George Records.

Make sure to check the flipside “I Remember” as well. 

Click here to presave.


AUDIO: Bobby Halvorson feat. Tim Heidecker “Never My Love”



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