LISTEN: Our Sweet George

Reconfiguring a Harrison classic in honor its 50th Anniversary

George Harrison (Art: Ron Hart)

It was 19 years ago today we lost our beloved George Harrison to cancer. He was only 58 at the time of his death. 

Yesterday also happened to mark the 50th anniversary of his triple LP opus All Things Must Pass. And while we have a more in depth look into this quintessential George solo album forthcoming, I chose to remember both the memory of my second favorite Fab (we are indeed a Paul household here) and the golden anniversary of ATMP by reimagining it was an 11 song LP. 

For lifelong Beatles fans, I hope you enjoy this particular incarnation of Things, and I am optimistic it will offer you a new perspective of just how much Bob Dylan inspired its direction.

Miss you every day, George. 



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Ron Hart

Ron Hart is the Editor-in-Chief of Rock and Roll Globe. Reach him on Twitter @MisterTribune.

One thought on “LISTEN: Our Sweet George

  • December 12, 2020 at 10:37 pm

    George is dearly missed. High hopes for the ATMP box set apparently coming in 2021!


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