Agnostic Front Reissues Classic EP for Record Store Day

United Blood returns to stores for its 40th anniversary

Bridge Nine Records is releasing an expanded edition of Agnostic Front’s United Blood EP for Record Store Day 2023 (Image: Bridge Nine Records)

New York Hardcore greats Agnostic Front will see their classic United Blood EP expanded and reissued for its 40th Anniversary this Record Store Day.

This extended session 12-inch LP is cut at 45 RPM and features unreleased versions of the band’s classic and earliest recordings.

“Who would have thought that our first recordings would have made such a worldwide impact,” frontman Roger Miret said in a statement. “As young punks on the streets of the Lower East Side, we just wanted to voice our sense of injustice by any means necessary and to make that impact with a sound that only could have come from that place in time, where nothing was safe and everything seemed grim… still, it gave it a distinctive style, and primitive sound screaming New York Hardcore! 

United Blood back cover (Image: Bridge Nine Records)

“What you are about to hear is magical. It’s right out of my vault, right out of the original unmixed four-track reel! The classic United Blood songs are all here, along with a few unheard takes that would later surface on our debut LP, but completely different! Original producer Don Fury has remixed these tracks in their classic original sound, just bringing them up a few levels; really cementing those primitive tracks! You be the judge!!!” 

“Remixing the full Agnostic Front United Blood session in 2022 was definitely a challenge and the funnest thing ever,” adds Fury, returning to the producer’s chair for this reissue. “The original session was a 4 track recording – we had only a single track of drums! It was like being right there with AF and my old self at my 18 Spring Street basement studio. Wow. It was great to hear AF blasting away in the most primal era of New York Hardcore. And there were 7 other titles beside the 10 from the original 7” EP along with alternate takes I had forgotten we’d recorded. All in excellent condition. So cool. And now a 12” 45RPM LP from Bridge Nine Records – what a great way to experience this session.” 

United Blood will be released on April 22, 2023 at most participating RSD locations via Bridge Nine Records. 



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