Celebrate Juneteenth With Sounds Of Blackness

The legendary group’s new holiday single is available now on all streaming platforms

Sounds of Blackness (Image: Sounds of Blackness)

One cannot imagine a better outfit to create a Juneteenth anthem than Sounds of Blackness.

They are a living and breathing historical document of Black American music via tours, stage productions, music workshops, recordings and concerts, and “Juneteenth Celebration” is everything that’s made this outfit so fundamental since 1971.

“Juneteenth Celebration” features the Sounds of Blackness Singers and their band at their very best, flexing a jubilant rhythm reminiscent of their late 80s/early 90s work with producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.   

“Juneteenth Celebration” was written and produced by Music Director Gary Hines. It was recorded at Atomic K Studios and Winterland Studios in the group’s hometown of Minneapolis, MN.

Listen to the single below and Happy Juneteenth, everybody!

VIDEO: Sounds of Blackness “Juneteenth Celebration”

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