LISTEN: Stevie Wonder at 70

Wishing the Original Master Blaster a Happy Birthday with a joyride through his last 40 years on wax

Stevie Wonder (Art: Ron Hart)

Stevland Hardaway Morris–the man we all came to know and love as Stevie Wonder–has been writing, recording, producing and performing since he was 11, when he signed with his longtime label, Motown subsidiary Tamla Records, in 1961.

Now this ambassador of music as a source of healing and joy turns 70, and we at the Rock & Roll Globe wish this music master a Happy and Healthy Birthday by digging into the last 41 years of his discography, including his most underrated period during the early-to-mid 90s where some of his strongest material, in this exclusive playlist.

Listen here.

Also dig this amazing footage of Wonder playing Japan in 1988 below. It’s so, so good. 

Happy Birthday to ya, Stevie!



VIDEO: Stevie Wonder Live In Japan 1988




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