LISTEN: JNA Gets Her “Freak” On

Seattle’s supreme Disco Queen turns up the heat on steamy single

JNA (Image: XO Publicity)

Seattle, WA, might not be a city known for its disco, but JNA is about to change all that upon the release of her debut EP I Have Good Taste But For Some Reason I Like You.

Fresh from various features with other artists, this is her debut release, entirely written and co-produced by JNA herself. Amos Miller helped co-produce and mix the sparkling and sassy results, using the same mixing board Teddy Pendergrass recorded with. 

“I am extremely excited and terrified to release this EP,” she tells Rock & Roll Globe. “I consider myself a strong person, but everyone wants to do well and be successful at their passions. I am a mom of three, I am married, I’m 36, I have been a housewife for five years, so there is a small part of me that feels like I should go sit down and knit blankets somewhere. That I’m too old. That i’m not cute anymore or sexy enough to start putting out dance pop music. Everyday I struggle with these issues in the back of my mind, but if I don’t try and live out my dreams that will be an even bigger disappointment.”

JNA I Have Good Taste But For Some Reason I Like You, self-released 2022

An instant classic of the timeless techno-R&B genre, the debut has all the blissful beats and sonorous synths of born-in-the-70s gems from Chic, Donna Summer, and Diana Ross, but warmed by the unique glow of JNA’s powerfully-in-control vocals. 

And perhaps no other song on the EP exudes this mojo quite like the kinetic “Freak,” which we are proud to premiere today on the site.

“Freak is a song that I absolutely love,” she explains. “It makes me feel sexy! It’s about seeing that person across the club, on the dance floor, even in the grocery store, and you guys connect. There is an instant chemistry, an electricity in the air that both of you are feeling and you want to know, will you be the love of my life for this one night! No strings, no clingy feelings afterwards, just hot, steamy passion.”

Order a copy of I Have Good Taste But For Some Reason I Like You via BandCamp.  


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