WATCH: MUNNYCAT Shares Wild West Themed Video for “honest”

New album–age of the scorpio–out soon

MUNNYCAT (Image: Anna Azarov)

Chances are you’ve heard of the West Coast DIY pop duo MUNNYCAT even if the name might not strike a chord in your memory.

From TikTok dances to XBox commercials to the PA system of your local H&M, the pair has seen their music utilized in a variety of public formats thanks to the hyperactive neon glow of their rhythm.

Now K808 and Khaledzou are gearing up to release their debut full-length entitled age of the scorpio. And Rock & Roll Globe is honored to help them share the Wild West themed video for the album’s first single “honest” today on the site. 

“The idea for the video was born out of me and Khaledzou talking about how it’s so socially acceptable for dudes to have this unearned, bullet-proof confidence, like they are all just John Wayne or something,” explains K808 of the video for “honest.” “So we flipped the script and made me the gunslinger. We had been playing the western video game Red Dead Redemption 2 nonstop and it just all came together. We decided to base the whole music video on the character Sadie Adler from that game, who should totally have her own spin-off.”

‘honest’ by MUNNYCAT Album Art

“Plus the track has such a pimp-walk to it,” adds Khaledzou. “The hypnotic, western saloon piano jangling through it. It all just came together so effortlessly. At the costume fitting for the video, we both came out of our dressing rooms and saw each other for the first time and lost it laughing. All of our sketches and storyboards came to life instantly.”

Fans of such modern pop linchpins as Charli XCX, Rosalía and Tierra Whack should give “honest” an honest spin below. 

For our money, the newlywed couple that comprise MUNNYCAT are a creative force of nature that deserves your attention. 






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