VIDEO PREMIERE: Jericho by Naturally 7

New York City’s premier vocal play group break the walls down with new single

Naturally 7

Before punk and hip-hop overran the region as the 1970s came into focus, the original sound of New York City was doo wop and vocal harmony.  And while the members of the award-winning septet Naturally 7 could’ve easily tried their hand at rapping like many of their contemporaries in the Boogie Down Bronx back in the day, but these men chose to stick with the original recipe of their neighborhood with the sound that evolved among the African-American and Italian-American populations in their region of the Big Apple and taking it to bold new dimensions into the 21st century with a style they call “Vocal Play.”

Having just wrapped up a Winter tour of Europe with the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival on the horizon this coming April 27th, Naturally 7 deliver an excellent new song called “Jericho,” a soulful, spiritual commentary on the concept of walls throughout the course of human history, no doubt augmented by the unfortunate state of affairs happening on our own southern border here in the United States.

“Historically, when you think of “Walls” falling down, the first song that probably comes to mind is the well known gospel song “Joshua, fit the battle”.  We decided to use that riff & lyric to talk about the journey of Naturally 7 which has been all about breaking walls down in the music industry,” explains the group’s musical director and lead baritone Roger Thomas in a prepared statement.  “Our lyrics follow our path of creating a music style called “Vocal Play” and meeting Legends like Quincy Jones along the way who gave us his stamp of approval to continue tearing down more walls in our way. In this new video we combine 3 more Iconic Walls that have been bigger than life.  1) Berlin Wall. 2) Gaza Strip/Israel Barrier Wall. 3) The US/Mexico Border Wall. Whether it’s 1980’s, 90’s or right now, ‘Walls’ coming down are still one of the hottest topics on the streets or in the whole world.”

With this year being the 20th anniversary of Naturally 7’s storied career in wall-breaking, it’s an honor for RNRG to offer this world premiere of the “Ready To March” mix of the infectious and timely “Jericho.”

For more information about their upcoming appearances, visit their site here.

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