WATCH: “Coming Along” With Ever More Nest

New LP, Out Here Now, available this Friday

Ever More Nest’s Kelcy Wilburn (Image: Summer Dorr)

A native of North Louisiana, Ever More Nest’s Kelcy Wilburn (“Kelcy Mae”) was equally influenced by the gospel, country and blues of her Bible Belt hometown as she was by the emotional rawness of the artists that consumed her generation like Radiohead, Tori Amos and PJ Harvey.

That duality continues to evolve on Ever More Nest’s sophomore album, Out Here Now.

For the forthcoming LP, Wilburn again teamed up with Nashville-based producer Neilson Hubbard, multi-instrumentalist Will Kimbrough, and bassist Dean Marold. New York native Fats Kaplin was brought in for the album’s emotive fiddle, strings, and pedal steel. 

The Rock & Roll Globe is happy to premiere the latest single from Out Here Now, “Coming Along,” a Lucinda-esque mid-tempo number born out of a moment during pre-pandemic touring. 

Ever More Nest Out Here Now, Parish Road Music 2022

“I wrote this song while on tour in 2019, exhausted by the urge to jump out of the car and run out into every expansive field we passed along the highway,” she explains. “The tour was a constant grind, and there was an amazing night where we (Dave my guitarist and I) sat outside and watched the Super Blood Wolf Moon eclipse. I felt in that moment like I was ‘in line’ with where I was supposed to be, but it wasn’t exactly a celebratory moment. It was somewhat somber, like a recognition that every path—even the right one—has its moments of exhaustion, difficulty, frustration, loneliness, longing, etc. Life feels like a race against time sometimes, and touring has a way of exacerbating that feeling.”

And in addition to his production work on Out Here Now, the video for “Coming Along” was directed by Hubbard as well. 

“Working with Kelcy in the studio is always inspiring,” he tells Rock & Roll Globe. “She knows what direction the art is leading always, and won’t settle until we have found it. The songs and the vocal performances are so strong and undeniable every time. Working on the video together was no different. The focus and intention is there! This was a fun one to shoot as we dodged rain and broken glass in an old abandoned motel.”

Out Here Now is out this Friday, August 19th.


 VIDEO: Ever More Nest “Coming Along”



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