WATCH: 10 Great Larry King Music Interviews

From Frank Zappa to Tyler, The Creator, the broadcast legend chatted with the best of ’em

RIP Larry King (Art: Ron Hart)

News spread fast today about the passing of broadcast journalism icon Larry King, who died at age 87 yesterday. 

Mr. King has spent over 40 years interviewing just about every major public figure in the modern world, from royal dignitaries to American presidents to Oscar-winning actors and filmmakers to sports greats to tabloid trolls and then some.

Yet the most entertaining and at times insightful chats have always been with music artists, regardless of age, genre or gender. In fact, the very first famous person Mr. King interviewed was pop star Bobby Darin when he was at his early gig at Miami’s WIOD-AM. 

To honor the passing of this TV legend who helped us learn so much more about the artists we love through his irreverent interviewing approach, please check out our 10 favorite clips of Larry King in conversation with musicians.

RIP Larry.


VIDEO: Larry King x Frank Zappa (1985)


VIDEO: Larry King x David Lee Roth (1986)


VIDEO: Larry King x Frank Sinatra in his last major interview (1988)


VIDEO: Larry King x Duran Duran (1993)


VIDEO: Larry King x Tina Turner (1997)


VIDEO: Larry King x Prince (1999)


VIDEO: Larry King x Johnny Cash (2002)


VIDEO: Larry King x The Beatles (2007)


VIDEO: Larry King x Tyler, The Creator


Larry King x Corey Taylor (2017)


Larry King x Dolly Parton (2017)








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