MIXTAPE: A Salute to Apollo 11 at 50

Listen to this blend of moon-themed tunes as you celebrate a half-century of American ingenuity in outer space

Danny Torrance in The Shining

Not to get all existential, but its our present situation that we all live and depend on this one planet, Earth, to help us survive our everyday. But since the days of those early Roman kings, the human mind’s incessant sense of wonder and curiosity beyond our atmosphere continually pushed us further and further into the great unknown of the environment outside of our particular spot in this orbit around the sun in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Then, for five days in July of 1969, four men went onboard the Apollo 11 spaceship aimed directly at the surface of the Moon. On July 20, astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin had their moonboots in lunar sand, the footprints

Neil Armstrong on the Moon

of which still as fresh as they were the day they were made. Watching the coverage 50 years later still gives you the chills in the best way possible.

There’s this amazing LEGO set of the Apollo 11 moon landing available on Amazon, but its crazy expensive. But it is worth every penny, as the Flight of Apollo 11 to the Moon established the United States as the dominant force in space travel and set off a decade of pure science fiction fantasia that kids my age just reveled in while running through the aisles of such woebegone toy stores as Child World, Play World and, of course, the toy sections of all the coolest department stores. I’m old enough to remember the Micronauts, and I must have been around my son’s age when I got them for Christmas from Santa. They were FUCKING INCREDIBLE. Especially the Andromeda Horse. Not to mention Buck Rogers, Battlestar Galactica, of course Star Wars for days…

But I digress. The Apollo 11 moon landing also inspired a great deal of music as well, both consciously and subconsciously, no doubt. So in honor of the 50th anniversary of this transcendent event in not only American history but human history as well, dig into this YouTube mixtape created exclusive by yours truly to celebrate this landmark anniversary with the Baby Boomers in your life.



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