WATCH: Palm Ghosts Contend With The “Young Empire”

Check out the premiere of the latest video from the Nashville dream punk outfit’s forthcoming LP The Lost Frequency

Palm Ghosts (Image: Sam Wiseman)

Nashville dream punkers Palm Ghosts return on November 19th with a brand new album entitled The Lost Frequency. 

It will be the second LP the group will release this year, serving as a creative counterpoint to the more kinetic Lifeboat Candidate. The band’s influences within the deeper chasms of the New Order and OMD catalogs is still prominent on The Lost Frequency, although the mood is more whimsical and celebratory–more “Round & Round” than “Blue Monday.”

At the same time, however, the group is tackling some of the social, political and ecological concerns that have been inundating our newsfeeds for the last two years, evidenced on such key tracks as “Bloodlight” and “The Painful Truth.”

The new album by Palm Ghosts, The Lost Frequency, will be available on November 19th (Image: Palm Ghosts)


Ahead of the new album’s release next Friday, Rock & Roll Globe is honored to premiere the video for the single “Young Empire”–a song which serves as a not-so-thinly veiled commentary on the petulance of the former White House Administration–today on the site.

“‘Young Empire’ looks at America as an over confident kid plagued by passion and lack of self control,” Joseph Lekkas explains about the video’s theme. “A nation that imagines itself wise and righteous by its history and position but is more akin to a child with a gun.”

Just Indeed a sentiment that echoes a most controversial and contentious criminal trial going on in Wisconsin, don’t you think?

Presave The Lost Frequency on your favorite streaming service, and you can pre-order the album right here on their BandCamp.


VIDEO: Palm Ghosts “Young Empire”





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