WATCH: Child Seat Goes “Off With A Bang”

The Los Angeles-based synthwave duo’s debut LP arrives on August 5th

Child Seat (Image: Emma Cole)

Los Angeles-based synth duo Child Seat will deliver their debut LP Bad Holiday on August 5th. 

Formed in 2021 by Madeleine Mathews (MAWD) and Josiah Mazzaschi (Light FM, Bizou), the entirety of the album was recorded remotely during the pandemic, though based on the frenetic energy by which the duo deliver across these songs you’d never realize they were conjuring this music in quarantine.

Child Seat encompasses both Mathews and Mazzaschi’s strengths. With over 20 years recording and producing artists like The Jesus and the Mary Chain, Jeff Schroeder of the Smashing Pumpkins, Deap Vally, Built to Spill and Rilo Kiley, Mazzaschi’s production work is reminiscent of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs if they were produced by Trevor Horn, further defined by Mathews’ instinctive voice that punctuates each rhythm and her powerful and deeply personal lyricism. 

What’s more, in the midst of producing and recording Mathews’ debut solo record, Mazzaschi wound up catching COVID-19 and was bedridden for weeks, remotely sending Mathews instrumental tracks that he’d been stockpiling throughout the pandemic. Inspired by the nostalgic yet modern sound, Mathews began overlaying timely lyrics and catchy vocal melodies that touch upon the unshakable feelings of loss and heartbreak that have coincided with adjusting to a sicker, crueler and more dangerous world. 

Child Seat Bad Holiday, self-released 2022

Yet there are moments of resilience and triumph here as well, namely in the form of the latest single from Bad Holiday, “Off With A Bang,” the supremely cheeky video for which Rock & Roll Globe is honored to premiere this morning on the site.

“I was stuck in an emotional destructive cycle of manipulation (many times in life) and the other person painted me as the bad guy to all of the people around them to make themselves feel/look better,” Mathews explains. “Though the things they said weren’t true. It’s not until I realized I wasn’t the problem, that I felt truly empowered. When I finally saw that I’d been fed poison/lies all along, it completely altered my perception of the person and situation. It created a new sense of self-wort and that definitely comes with being naive and going through growing pains of life.

“After pulling the wool from my eyes, I felt empowered and though its a bit exaggerated, I took on this idea of wanting to be a femme fatale – seeking revenge. Not actually through violence, but through continuing to be successful in life, love, and leaving the shitty people behind.” 

Watch the video, which was directed by Ben Thomas, below.

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VIDEO: Child Seat “Off With A Bang” 

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