WATCH: “40 Oz. Kid” by Man’s Body

Dig the Trans-American trio’s latest single off their 2021 LP A Set Of Steak Knives

Man’s Body is a self-described “soft punk” trio comprised of one scrappy young guitarist and two formidable veterans of the Los Angeles and Chicago music scenes.

Before the world shut down in 2019, the band recorded their fantastic second LP A Set Of Steak Knives, but wasn’t able to properly release it until March 26th of 2021. Yet here we are a year later, and these knives are as sharp as ever as this combination of L.A.’s Greg Franco, Chicagoland indie hero and author J. Niimi of Ashtray Boy and guitarist Marco Obaya unveils its latest single “40 Oz. Kid.” 



It’s a song about a young dude he met on the street who happened to be homeless in Hollywood, having moved from Mississippi with hopes of becoming a rap superstar. 

“I wrote the song not about him, really, but to people who are not entering their dream in a realistic way, it could be about me even or anyone,” he explains. “I’m lucky to have been born here in the land of dreams, and even if I’m caught up in that illusion, I at least have a home and family here to fall back on, a college education, But to really get a foothold here, you have to at least have a solid place to lay your head, a day job, and support from friends. He said that the Pasadena Police were giving him shit. I gave him some cash, but he just seemed lost.”

“40 Oz. Kid” was directed by Steve Hanft, best known for his work on the videos for Beck’s “Loser” and “Where It’s At,” not to mention a highly entertaining look at the Los Angeles reggae sound system scene with Return of the Rub A Dub Style. Watch it below.

And don’t forget to get your hands on A Set Of Steak Knives over here, which is being reissued on vinyl on March 25th.


VIDEO: Man’s Body “40 Oz. Kid”



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