SONG PREMIERE: Down & Out in Raleigh with Thirsty Curses

The Rock & Roll Globe is honored to debut the first single off the band’s forthcoming LP

Thirsty Curses (Image: Courtesy of the US/THEM Group)

“‘Down & Out’ falls somewhere between R&B and yacht rock,” proclaims Wilson Getchell, singer, guitarist and pianist for Raleigh, NC’s Thirsty Curses in regards to the group’s first single off their forthcoming LP To The Ends Of The Earth. “Musically, it’s upbeat and cheerful, but lyrically the song explores emotions surrounding trying to keep a doomed romantic relationship alive.”

Yet Getchell’s illustration of “Down & Out,” which the Rock & Roll Globe is proud to premiere this morning on the site, is just one shade of the varying hues coloring the sonic spectrum of this fourth Thirsty Curses album.

To the Ends of the Earth was predominantly recorded in Getchell’s home studio in Raleigh over the summer of 2021. The band also spent a day in Bias Studios in Northern Virginia where they recorded three songs for the album and did piano overdubs on the studio’s baby grand.

The first Thirsty Curses album to feature Evan Miller on drums and Alexander Weir on lead guitar, there’s a ramshackle element to the music on the new record that firmly places this talented band alongside such Raleigh-reared greats as The dBs and Let’s Active.

To The Ends of the Earth will be available on CD and download on March 4th, 2022. Pre-order here.


  1. One of These Days
  2. Are You Still There?
  3. Your Next Move
  4. What The Hell?
  5. WhistlePig
  6. Calmer Waters
  7. Tell Me The Truth
  8. Down & Out
  9. Vera
  10. Jenny
  11. Nothing Really Matters
  12. A Baptist and a Rabbi




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