LISTEN: Reckling Premieres “Spitter” Ahead Of EP Release

Human Nature comes out on August 12th

Reckling (Image: Alice Baxley)

Reckling is an Los Angeles-based garage/punk rock four-piece led by vocalist/songwriter Kelsey Reckling and compromised of a number of local indie rock alum that includes drummer Max Keuhn (FIDLAR), guitarist Erik Jimenez (Together Pangea), and bassist Joey Mullen (Paramore/HalfNoise). 

On August 12, the group will be sharing a brand new four-track EP entitled Human Nature and to celebrate, the Rock & Roll Globe is happy to premiere the EP’s final single/focus track, “Spitter,” a day before its release. 

“Each song on the EP encompasses a different feeling that I think everyone can relate to or identify with… it’s human nature,” Kelsey explains. “‘Spitter’ is literally about a girl spitting on me because she didn’t like me, but more generally, it’s about persevering through the difficult things in life. The song sorts through my own angry feelings that were brought on by somebody else’s misdirected emotions.

Reckling Human Nature, Self-Released 2022

“The underlying themes in this EP move through feelings of indecision, guilt, and regret…but writing and playing the songs are a way of finding resolution, forgiveness and surrender.”

Human Nature was recorded, engineered, and mixed by Danny Nogueiras in his Los Angeles based Balboa Recording Studio, and it was mastered by Joey Oaxaca of Oaxaca Records.

This summer, Reckling is playing a handful of live dates, including gigs supporting Death Valley Girls and Death Lens.

Give it a listen, especially if you are hip to the dream scenario of Polly Jean Harvey cutting a 7-inch for Epitaph Records.


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