Logan Farmer Shares Video For New Single “Silence or Swell”

New LP, A Mold For The Bell, out October 14th via Western Vinyl

Logan Farmer (Image: Western Vinyl)

A Mold For The Bell, the new album from Colorado singer-songwriter and producer Logan Farmer, comes out October 14th via Western Vinyl. 

And Rock & Roll Globe is grateful to premiere the video for “Silence Or Swell,” the haunting first single from the album this morning on the site. Imbued by the 3 AM saxophone of Joseph Shabason (who also mixed the record) and the delicate harp of the great Mary Lattimore, Farmer’s fingerpicking guitar work lays the foundation for not only this deeply personal song but the entirety of A Mold For The Bell as well.

“I wrote the opening line of ‘Silence or Swell’— ‘It’s gonna be hard to talk about this when it’s done’ ⁠— before I wrote anything else for the album,” he tells Rock & Roll Globe. “To me, it perfectly encapsulates the themes of A Mold For The Bell and sets the stage for everything that follows. But before that curtain lifts, you hear a field recording of people howling. That’s a thing that happened in Colorado and a few other places during those terrifying early months of the pandemic: every night at 8pm, people would go out into the street and howl at the moon. It became this bizarre nightly ritual full of camaraderie and defiance in the face of the unknown. Suffice to say, any feelings of unity fell apart soon after. Regardless, it was intriguing to me, so I recorded it on my phone. That howling appears a few times throughout the album as a kind of motif. The haunting sound, combined with the first lyric and Joseph Shabason’s sorrowful saxophone work, represent the spirit of A Mold For The Bell in my mind.”


VIDEO: Andrei Rublev trailer

The album, which was shaped with the help of Grammy-nominated producer Andrew Berlin (Gregory Alan Isakov), also takes its creative cues from influences as disparate as Tarkovsky’s 1966 Soviet epic Andrei Rublev and the novels of 21st Century political activist Olga Tokarczuk. These touchstones can immediately be recognized when you watch the strange and beautiful video for “Silence or Swell” in reference to the themes of environmental and societal collapse illustrated across this new work. 

“For the video, it was shot by Ben Ward and Matt Wade, alongside a small crew, during a cold spell last winter,” Farmer explains. “It started with a simple concept that Ben and I came up with over beers a few months before: a plant monster in the back of a truck being driven to a bonfire where it’ll be sacrificed. Local artist Riley Furmanek designed and constructed the suit entirely from plant materials and clothes from a thrift store. I volunteered to be the person in the suit and got to walk around as a plant monster for a few days. We tried to keep everything as ambiguous as possible so it wasn’t too cheesy or sentimental with its environmental message. It turned out beautifully, thanks to everyone involved. It’s also worth emphasizing again how cold it was during filming. I was pretty comfortable in the suit, but everyone else in the cast and crew had to suffer a bit. They were all amazing throughout the whole process My job was easy, all I did was stagger around and try not to stand too close to the bonfire. That suit was like a tinderbox.”

Watch the video for “Silence or Swell” below and pre-order A Mold For The Bell at your favorite digital outlet here. 


VIDEO: Logan Farmer “Silence or Swell”



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