LISTEN: RIP Lyle Mays–A Rock & Roll Globe Playlist

Digging into the discography of a man who changed the shape of jazz in the New Wave era

Lyle Mays with Pat Metheny. (Art: Ron Hart)

With the exception of Herbie and George Duke, there isn’t another keyboardist to properly usher jazz into the New Wave era like Lyle Mays, who died in Los Angeles yesterday from undisclosed causes. He was 66.

His passing was announced on the website of his longtime friend and brother in music Pat Metheny, whose Pat Metheny Group Mays had co-founded in the late 70s, taking fusion into a more contemporary direction.

“Lyle was one of the greatest musicians I have ever known,” Metheny expressed in a statement. “Across more than 30 years, every moment we shared in music was special. From the first notes we played together, we had an immediate bond. His broad intelligence and musical wisdom informed every aspect of who he was in every way. I will miss him with all my heart.”

The jazz world further expounded upon Metheny’s sorrow with many prominent musicians taking to social media to mourn:

In the memory of this gamechanger of electronic jazz, the Rock & Roll Globe has put together this exclusive Spotify playlist that delves into the full span of his career.

Rest in Peace, Lyle Mays.


Ron Hart

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Ron Hart

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One thought on “LISTEN: RIP Lyle Mays–A Rock & Roll Globe Playlist

  • February 14, 2020 at 3:43 pm

    I read of Lyle Mays’ passing with a pang. So young. I saw him with The Pat Metheny group at My Father’s Place in Roslyn years ago. They were wonderful.


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