LISTEN: Seedsmen to the World Honor Reverend Pearly Brown With “Home”

The Detroit drone blues outfit’s eponymous debut comes out on May 20th

Seedsmen to the World Seedsmen to the World, Blue Arrow/Birdman Records 2022

Seedsmen to the World is the union of Detroit’s Infinite River and folksinger Ethan Daniel Davidson, who together create a slow burning drone blues that takes you right in.

Fans of Codeine, Red House Painters and NoNeck Blues Band alike will no doubt find much to appreciate on the Seedsmen’s eponymous debut, which comes out on May 20 via Blue Arrow and Birdman Records, and features hypnotic meditations on famous tunes from the likes of Bob Dylan and Credence Clearwater Revival among others. 

The four-track LP is highlighted, however, by a mesmerizing cover of “Home,” a song originally recorded by unsung gospel blues great Reverend Pearly Brown for his 1975 LP on Rounder Records It’s a Mean Old World to Try to Live In, which Rock & Roll Globe is honored to premiere on this sacred Sunday morning. 

“The original recording by Rev. Pearly Brown is a stark and heartfelt plea and we’ve tried to remain true to his vision,” explains Warren Defever of the band. “Although we’ve added quite a bit of guitar feedback.”

Listen to “Home” below and visit the Seedsmen to the World over on their website here.




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