Saturday Morning Special

MTV’s The Week In Rock: February 27, 1988; Kurt Loder’s debut as Co-Host

Every Friday night in 1988 was spent watching The Week in Rock. Thank you to the folks who had recorded episodes of the show and have now posted them on YouTube. The music news format was both entertaining and informative for a kid who was weaning off cartoons and into a life of rock ‘n’ roll. Kurt Loder deserves more respect than he gets as one of the preeminent voices in the pantheon of 80s rock journalism, while the great Carolyne Heldman was as whipsmart and knowledgeable as you could ever want for a show like this, embodying the aspiration of all those kids hanging out in their college radio station that if they put enough serious work into their passion for music and the news, there was a place on the national stage for you. I look forward to posting more random episodes of The Week In Rock on Saturday mornings, and I hope you will keep tuning in to see what we have for you to check out.

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  • March 25, 2022 at 5:45 pm

    I think Rock & Roll Globe is a great site it tells you like it is, no bull the article about WOODSTOCK was very interesting it was right on the mark, I know this because I was there.


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