LISTEN: The Rock & Roll Globe Presents a Bob Marley 75th Birthday Megamix

In celebration of this landmark birthday for the reggae icon, a Spotify playlist that dives deep into his ocean of Irie

Bob Marley, footie. (Art: Ron Hart)

For his 75th Birthday, the Rock & Roll Globe pays tribute to the Most High, Legendary Lion Robert Nesta Marley with this exclusive playlist spanning the entirety of his too-short career in music.

Please note, this isn’t that Carnival Cruise Bob music either. You gotta harbor a little more knowledge beyond that one copy of Legend you used to listen to in your State University dorm room. This the true dirt floor roots rock reggae that both energized the mind and hypnotized the soul among those of us who take our music listening seriously.

Happy Birthday, Bob. Hard to believe he’d only be 75 :(.

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