LISTEN: Lost Romance Shares “Limousine”

New track features former Tom Petty drummer Steve Ferrone

Gerry Perlinski of Lost Romance (Image: Facebook)

Today, New Brunswick, NJ’s own Lost Romance have released a fantastic new single called “Limousine” on all streaming platforms. 

And while the band – led by singer / guitarist Gerry Perlinski – is more renowned for a punkier veneer that’s earned them comparisons to early Goo Goo Dolls and Taang-era Lemonheads, “Limousine” finds the trio putting some early 80s shimmy on their sound. It’s a call back to the days of Tattoo You-era Rolling Stones and, in particular, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, whose old drummer Steve Ferrone provides the tune’s back beat. 

Lost Romance “Limousine,” self-released 2023

“I met Steve through a mutual musician friend from NYC,” Perlinski tells Rock & Roll Globe. “I was at his show and we were catching up. He was asking what I had going on musically and I mentioned this new song ‘Limousine’ which had that early 80’s Petty and Stones vibe. So he literally said to me, ‘You want me to connect you with Ferrone?’ The rest is history.”

Listen to the song below, which according to Perlinski, was inspired by reading the Keith Richards autobiography LIFE.

“Limousine is all about being a rockstar,” he proclaims. “We wanted to write something that had an old school feel. We were lucky enough to have Steve Ferrone guest on drums along with Jack Daley (Lenny Kravitz, Little Steven) on bass to get that ‘real deal’ feel.” 

For more information on this talented outfit who has shared stages with everyone such giants as King’s X and the Smithereens, visit them online at


AUDIO: Lost Romance “Limousine”


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