LISTEN: Jesse DeNatale Shares “Right Before My Eyes”

The California singer-songwriter’s new album, The Hands of Time, due July 14th

Jesse DeNatale (Image: Blue Arrow Records)

Northern California singer-songwriter Jesse DeNatale has a great new album coming out on July 14th on Blue Arrow Records.

It’s called The Hands of Time, and finds the artist cooking up an illuminating kettle of West Coast-kissed folk-rock in the spirit of early Jackson Browne and Rumours-era Fleetwood Mac, crafting songs in light of what he describes as a new, thinner and fragile reality following the pandemic.

“Now it seems that all the best ones have been driven underground,” says Tom Waits of Jesse. “If there’s a leak in the boiler room it’s the music of Jesse DeNatale, a unique and original American voice.”

Rock & Roll Globe is beyond honored to premiere the opening track from The Hands of Time, “Right Before My Eyes,” today on the site.

Jesse DeNatale The Hands of Time, Blue Arrow Records 2023

“After the pandemic had lifted some, there was this sense I had that it was going to be alright,” DeNatale explains of the impetus of the song, which you can hear below. “’It’ meaning life. I guess I imagine that everyone has an inner champion like I do. One that watches what’s going on, sees our past, present and future, and encourages great things. One that steers right action and has great dreams. One that gets us out of bed.

“That’s what was going on in me. And in contemplation, I was reminded that I had very little to do with the creation of any of the things around me. I didn’t design or invent any of them. I had only gone out and found or purchased them. Yet these things were all designed to benefit me, serve me in some simple or incredible way. I’m talking about the chair and the cup, and the shoe and the road, everything like that. In fact everything I put my eye on. And if you look closely at any of these things, there is a little map of how they came to actually be in existence, and that alone I think reveals that the future is filled with possibility and promise.”

Former Rolling Stone senior editor Ben Fong-Torres has said that “Jesse DeNatale’s songs are not only well worth hearing, they’re well worth hearing again and again.”

And indeed, that appears to be our consensus about The Hands of Time, which you can pre-order here


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