Clang Quartet Releases A Slow Death For The Peacemaker

Scotty Irving delivers his most conventional album yet

Clang Quartet (Image: Derek Rush)

In Europe they still release their records on a Tuesday, and today saw the release of Clang Quartet’s latest LP A Slow Death For The Peacemaker. 

Issued as a limited edition cassette via Strange Mono/No Rent Records, only 150 copies of the album have been made. 

Clang Quartet is the musical project of Scotty Irving (drummer for Spirit Of Hamlet, Geezer Lake, Eugene Chadbourne, and others), which he calls “Performance Art For Jesus.” He has been going by CQ for over two decades and continues to challenge the senses with each new work. 

“To an extent, every CQ release has some form of catharsis with it.” – explains Irving, talking about the creative impulses behind the process of his project.

A Slow Death For The Peacemaker marks another step in the transitional sound for Clang Quartet. The use of lyrics, a more targeted approach to composition, and a directness of subject matter propel the project and its’ creator into a new era.

Clang Quartet A Slow Death For The Peacemaker, Strange Mono/No Rent Records 2023

With that said, however, conventional by CQ standards is akin to Swans or Ministry at its most experimental, evidenced on the album’s first track “The Abortion Card,” which is as close to a classic rock and roll structure Irving has achieved thus far. 

A Slow Death For The Peacemaker is out now via Strange Mono/No Rent Records. All the proceeds from sales through Strange Mono are being donated to Second Harvest, a hunger relief charity that serves North Carolina.

Watch the video for “The Abortion Card” below.


VIDEO: Clang Quartet “The Abortion Card”








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