WATCH: Dimestore Dolls Honor Adam Schlesinger With New Single

“You Are The Fix” features contributions from all three surviving members of Fountains of Wayne

Jody Porter and Kelly Buchanan (Image: Jennifer Strader)

So hard to believe its now been two years since the demon COVID took Adam Schlesinger from us as one of the first major music figures we lost to the pandemic.

It’s a tragic anniversary that also weighs heavy on the heart of Kelly Buchanan, who reminds us of the massive, unshakable pop genius of Adam with the first single from her current project Dimestore Dolls. 

“You Are The Fix” is a homage written by Buchanan and the late Fountains of Wayne bassist/songwriter Adam Schlesinger about their mutual friend, Fountains of Wayne guitarist Jody Porter that was originally cut in the late 00s. 

“Adam and I got together to co-write one afternoon in 2006 or 2007 at Stratosphere Sound, his former recording studio on 11th Ave in Chelsea,” Buchanan tells Rock & Roll Globe. “I had already begun writing ‘You Are the Fix’ by that point. There was a specific line I was stuck on, and when we got to that moment in the song Adam grinned at me and said, ‘How bout ‘C’mon Jody Porter, do it to me again!’ He was laughing and I felt myself turn bright red. I had not cited Jody as my inspiration, but he immediately recognized it was born of my friendship with Jody Porter. How many friends did we have who went about trashing chic shops and flipping off cops for no apparent reason?

Dimestore Dolls “You Are The Fix” (Image: Dimestore Dolls)

“I shot the line down, citing that I did NOT want Jody to know I was writing songs about him, and Adam never did betray my confidence,” she continued.  “We hashed out the rest of the song – and notably, Adam threw in that catchy ‘do do do’ bridge – and I recorded it for my 2008 self-titled release.”

Surviving FoW members of Fountains of Wayne Chris Collingwood Brian Young provide guest vocals and the song’s subject, Porter, also lends vocals as well as plays lead guitar on this updated version, which will be officially coming out this Friday.

“Dimestore Dolls decided to record during the pandemic, and Adam’s passing inspired me to revive that song, and include the line ‘C’mon Jody Porter, do it to me again,’” she explains. “I phoned up Jody to make sure he was okay with it, and I was thrilled when he came to Lancaster to record with us, and even more thrilled when Brian Young sang on it. Chris Collingwood was the last to record his parts, and while I asked him to sing some ‘do do do’s’ he completely did his own thing and sent me back an entire choir’s worth of ‘bah bah bah’s’ instead.  It was just what the song needed, and really brought the collaborative element to a new level.”

Rock & Roll Globe is honored to premiere the animated music video for “You Are The Fix” today on the site.

For more information on Dimestore Dolls, find them on Facebook, IG and their own site

VIDEO: Dimestore Dolls “You Are The Fix”




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