WATCH: Deano & Jo Share “Come On Down”

Alt-country power couple to release self-titled debut on June 30th

Deano & Jo (Image: Plenty Tuff Records)

Alt-country power couple Dean Schlabowske of Chicago’s own Waco Brothers and Jo Walston of Austin’s Meat Purveyors are prepping the release of their eponymous debut on June 30th.

Based in Lafayette, Louisiana, the duo have created a homegrown collection of original tunes and renditions of deep crate bluegrass and honky-tonk classics from such greats as Jimmy Martin and Roger Miller–bolstering an aura born from their days on their respective cities’ punk scenes. 

Deano & Jo was recorded throughout the course of 2022 at Lafayette’s Staffland Studios, owned and operated by Chris Stafford, who recorded and mixed the album as well as played pedal steel guitar across these tracks as well. Other musicians on hand for this hootenanny include Mark Rubin of the Bad Livers on stand-up bass, Beth Chrisman on fiddle and Robbie Fulks, who plays flat-picking guitar on two album cuts (“Murline” and Jimmy Martin’s “Hold Whatcha Got”).

Deano & Jo Deano & Jo, Plenty Tuff Records 2023

Rock & Roll Globe is honored to share a choice Dean original from the album with you today on the site with “Come On Down,” a fictional tale about helping out a pal during hard times. 

“I wrote the song while still living in Milwaukee, but with our move to Lafayette already planned,” Schlabowske tells us. “The song imagines a friend trying to lend a hand to someone whose life has served them a shit sandwich, though it’s probably mostly their own fault. Someone that might benefit from disappearing to a sleepy, friendly, chill, saouthern town for a while. There’s a certain magic to small, southern locales like Lafayette. Full of eccentrics, most of whom came from somewhere else. Many are just scraping by, but seemingly living their best lives nonetheless.”

Check out the video for “Come On Down,” which incorporates some great archival footage of deep south revelry, below and pre-order the Deano & Jo LP here


VIDEO: Deano & Jo “Come On Down”


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