WATCH: Lynne Arriale Reflects Hope On “Sounds Like America”

In light of so much darkness and tragedy this week, the jazz pianist offers a warm hug of true patriotism

Lynne Arriale Trio The Lights Are Always On, Challenge Records 2022

Earlier this Spring, renowned pianist and composer Lynne Arriale released The Lights Are Always On, a suite of ten evocative originals performed with her trio, bassist and co-producer Jasper Somsen, and drummer E.J. Strickland.

This album, Arriale’s 16th as leader, presents a stirring series of tributes to heroes around the world. From the Afro-Cuban influenced “March On” in honor of  activists worldwide, to the exuberant “The Notorious RBG,” to the ominous “Into the Breach” which recognizes the heroic actions of Capitol Police officers during the January 6 Insurrection, Arriale pulls no punches in where she stands politically.

This is why the Rock & Roll Globe is honored to premiere the album’s most hopeful composition, “Sounds Like America,” whose lovely, Randy Newman-esque melody comforts the listener like the warm hand of an old friend on your shoulder.

“‘Sounds Like America’ reflects hope, optimism and my feeling about what America is,” Arriale says of the song to Rock & Roll Globe. “I tried to express the sound of an America in recovery as we progress to a time of healing.”

Watch the video below, and remember that in our darkest hour is when the American people truly show who we are.

This song soundtracks my hope.


VIDEO: Lynne Arriale “Sounds Like America”



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