WATCH: Opal Eskar Share Video for “Open Mind”

The Philadelphia band’s eponymous EP comes out May 19th

Opal Eskar “Open Mind,” Spiral Valley Records 2023

Philadelphia, PA, has always been a hotbed of talent in the American Rock Underground, and Opal Eskar serves as the quintessence of its role in the city’s culture.

Originally comprised as a trio featuring Karl Blau (vocals), Heyward Howkins (vocals, guitar), and Chet Delcampo (vocals, guitar, bass, keys) on last summer’s one-off single “Sunlight Is Breakin’ Out,” the group is joined on new recordings by two more members of the Philly fabric: Charlie Hall and Robbie Bennett of The War on Drugs.

Opal Eskar Opal Eskar, Spiral Valley Records 2023

Opal Eskar will release its debut self-titled EP on May 19, 2023 via Spiral Valley Records, and Rock & Roll Globe is honored to premiere the video for the set’s new single “Open Mind” today on the site.

“The song is a barrage of suggestions on how one could open one’s mind,” says Karl Blau. “It’s like a ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ sound sandwich.” 

“The musical core of ‘Open Mind’ was quickly grabbed out of the air on the first day of tracking with me, Heyward, Charlie, and Robbie playing in the room with the tape rolling,” adds Delcampo. “Karl’s vocals came later.” 

Opal Eskar (Image: Mecky Elvita Madl)

“We were shooting for imagery to suggest possible approaches to keep an open mind and strive towards more non-judgmental views and understandings,” interjects Blau. “Mixed in with the live rehearsal shots and our go-to late night hangin’ amongst the bamboo.”

Blissful. Dreamy. Ethereal. That’s Opal Eskar and the music they create–they’re surely making the cats down at the Philadelphia Record Exchange proud!

For more information on this Philly supergroup, visit their BandCamp page.


VIDEO: Opal Eskar “Open Mind”




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