WATCH: Gangstagrass and Kosha Dillz Wish You A “Happy Chinooka”

Bluegrass and hip-hop come together to fight antisemítism this holiday season

Gangstagrass x Kosha Dillz “Happy Chinooka,” Rench Audio 2022

In a time when disgusting displays of antisemitism are running rampant both online and in real life, being an ally to our Jewish brothers and sisters is more important than ever before.

Which is why it’s such a joy to share this festive holiday collaboration between grass-hop greats Gangstagrass and MC Kosha Dillz today on the site. Its title taken from a moment on Cameo where Smokey Robinson mispronounced Chanukah, “Happy Chinooka” is one of the highlights included in the new Gangstagrass holiday EP Sugarplums & Whiskey. 



“It was a thrill to have Kosha Dillz come on board and bring this to life with such amazing verses,” explains Gangstagrass frontman Rench. “Klezmer/Bluegrass legend Andy Statman laid down amazing clarinet and mandolin. Everything came together brilliantly, and at a relevant time to be standing against antisemitism. Gangstagrass stands for inclusion and celebrating each other, and of course we can get silly too so this was a combination of pure fun and a meaningful thing for us to share with the world at this moment.”

Gangstagrass Sugarplums & Whiskey, Rench Audio 2022

“Collaborating as a hip hop artist on a blue grass track is a first for Hanukkah songs,” adds Dillz. “We are in a time when the diversity on our collaborations is needed for the climate of rising antisemítism and bigotry.  Of course it Is a holiday about miracles , so what bigger miracle is there than having an alpaca goats and Pony at a bedstuy brooklyn bar?”

Watch the wild video for “Happy Chinooka” below and check out the Sugarplums & Whiskey EP here


VIDEO: Gangstagrass × Kosha Dillz “Happy Chinooka”

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