WATCH: “We Don’t Sleep” by Anna Copa Cabanna

Hypnotic new video showcases another side to the art and artistry of a renowned NYC Go Go Luminary

Anna Copa Cabanna (Photo: Maggie Saniewska Art: Ron Hart)

Watching the hypnotic video for “We Don’t Sleep,” the new single from New York’s own Anna Copa Cabanna, you get transported into this matrix between digital glitch and tube television warmth like stumbling into a house in Roblox’s Brookhaven with an old episode Night Flight playing on the big screen. 

Though her primary renown stems from her good work on the city’s legendary Go Go/Cabaret circuit, Anna’s prowess as a singer and songwriter in her own right is not to be overlooked. And “We Don’t Sleep” is telltale of her talent in the ease by which she floats atop this rolling wave of atomic dreampop constructed by her cohort Jesse Krakow, known for his work with Shudder To Think, The Shaggs and Julee Cruise.

“Instrumentally,” Krakow tells Rock & Roll Globe, “it owes a nod to Bill Nelson (Be Bop Deluxe), Phil Maznera (Roxy Music) & Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine), with layers of effects-laden guitars weaving in and out of each other.”

For Anna Copa Cabanna, the thematic concept of both the song and video originate from her time enjoying the nightlife of post-Wall Berlin.

Anna Copa Cabanna (Photo: Lauren Silberman, Art: Ron Hart)

“The song and video are about nights that feel like dreams,” Anna tells Rock & Roll Globe. “Passionate, mysterious, crazy moments with strangers that are so perfect because nothing was planned. Nothing was certain but everything is crumbling and beautiful but strong- like Berlin. I sent Cara (Co-Director/Editor) a bunch of videos as inspiration- scenes from David Lynch’s Lost Highway to My Bloody Valentine, Bjork, Kraftwerk, and Bowie videos. Dreamy images with a bit of ‘what’s happening?.’ Bowie’s ‘Where are We Now?’ is definitely an emotional influence. 

“Remembering youth and that undefinable magic of Berlin. I wanted retro footage of the city, a sense of ongoing movement, mystery, romance, the 60s AND 80s/ early 90s. I was wearing a lot of 60s clothes when I lived in Berlin, but there’s also that wonderful era of the music video where singers with blonde hair where splashed in neon. So that had to happen. I initially wasn’t going to dance, but I couldn’t help it. I ended up in my happy place!”

“We Don’t Sleep” will be released via BandCamp tomorrow. Pre-order yours today.

For more on the great Anna Copa Cabanna, find her here


VIDEO: Anna Copa Cabanna “We Don’t Sleep”


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