ALBUMS: Exploring the Floating World of Rob Laufer

Inspired by the unexpected passing of Tom Petty, this onetime Beatlemania member delivers his own magic on album no. 6

Rob Laufer

Artist:Rob Laufer

Album: Floating World 

Label: Self-released

★★★★★ (5/5 stars)

He’s worked with Sir George Martin, Cheap Trick, Johnny Cash, the dB’s and a litany of others, and has been a member of Beatlemania, but Rob Laufer’s true talent is as a singer/songwriter, as evidenced by his sixth album, The Floating World

The album was inspired by Tom Petty’s passing, and Laufer’s voice does have a more than a passing resemblance to Mad Dog (or, for the power poppers among you, a cross between Bill Lloyd and David Myhr). 

Rob Laufer The Floating World, self-released 2019

It’s an absolutely gorgeous disc filled with dreamy, lush, expansive tunes, along with a few sparser ones for flavor. Highlights include the twangy ‘Avalanche’, the fun ‘Bolt of Blue’, the lovely pair ‘Highway Machine’ and ‘Floating World’, and ‘Space & Time’, which is Beatlesque without trying to be.

The whole album is a classy, dignified, wonderful listen, and you’ll truly be missing out if you don’t pick up this disc, pronto.

AUDIO: The Floating World (full album)


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