LISTEN: The Cowsills Prepare for “Nuclear Winter”

The legendary family band releases their first LP of new music in 30 years, Rhythm Of The World, on September 30

The Cowsills 2022 (Image: LouAnn Cowsill)

Legendary psychedelic sibling pop group The Cowsills are releasing a new album Rhythm Of The World–their first new music in nearly 30 years with 11 tracks written by the band–on Sept 30.

And Rock & Roll Globe is beyond honored to premiere the new single off the Omnivore Recordings-released album today on the site. Entitled “Nuclear Winter,” the song touches upon a fear that’s been lingering in the American air since The Cowsills first emerged on the national scene out of Newport, Rhode Island in 1965. 

The Cowsills Rhythm Of The World, Omnivore Recordings 2022

“‘Nuclear Winter’ [was] written out of fear really,” the band said in a statement. “Not the fear of a ‘Nuclear Winter’ but the fear of the talk between countries and leaders that could lead to it … fear of the threats we hear and the instability of the whole world these days…it’s on edge….and the people don’t matter. We just get in the way. If the people mattered there would be no talk or threat of a nuclear engagement.  The main issue with ‘Nuclear Winter’ is that this song is more relevant today than ever before and it shouldn’t be.” 

We don’t want a “Nuclear Winter” either, but we’ll take it so long as its soundtracked by this incredible family band who only seems to get better with age.

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VIDEO: The Cowsills “Nuclear Winter”

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2 thoughts on “LISTEN: The Cowsills Prepare for “Nuclear Winter”

  • September 20, 2022 at 7:36 am

    This song is way catchier and more memorable than it has any right to be. I love it. Especially those little Fixx like guitar licks in the verses. Very surprising bridge, too. My father in law, Carey Budnick, was a co-writer of the Cowsills song Ask The Children from their record “Captain Sad And His Ship Of Fools.” (Hear it here I saw Johnny Cowsills play drums in the traveling version of the Beach Boys in summer 2018 and he sang lead on Darlin and sounded great. This is really nice, and I’m thrilled they’re still at it.

  • February 4, 2023 at 9:32 pm

    Very relevant todays world. Sounds new enough but still has those 60’s style harmonies and Pop hooks that make it a cut above anything you’ll hear on the radio today. If it were to be played on the radio under an alias name it would be a success.


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