LISTEN: Champagne Sunday Maintains “Balance”

The acclaimed Tacoma, WA duo premieres the title track off their introspective new album

Champagne Sunday (Image: Jordan Swenson)

For over 15 years, Tacoma, WA’s Champagne Sunday have built a career through balancing on the edge of the middle ground between organic and electronic soul music.

So for the duo to call their latest album Balance makes perfect sense as Jessi and Jared Fredeen brings together all of the elements that make this project one of the most acclaimed in the Pacific Northwest. Within a sonic basketweave of country, soul and atmospheric rock, the Fredeens display a tremendous amount of growth as songwriters living under one roof yet free of boundaries.

Champagne Sunday Balance, self-released 2022

“Jared and I have never had a relationship outside the public eye,” explains Jessi. “We have made a conscious effort to balance our private life with our public one, but really have made an entire career of journaling our experiences into song form and sharing our whole story with our audiences. From the moment we first kissed, to the birth of our son, deaths of loved ones… our life has been full of antics, depression, gains and losses, and it’s all been openly shared for 17 years. I hope people can take comfort from our story, and perhaps see their own in it, that it’s all part of this sprawling, beautiful life. It’s all in the ‘Balance.'”

One such tune that truly illustrates the dichotomy of this new album is coincidentally its title track, which Rock & Roll Globe is honored to premiere this weekend.

“Core to everything that is Champagne Sunday, the light can’t exist without the dark, no success without failure,” Jessi states in reference to the song’s theme. “Not to be feared but excepted and seen as a steppingstone. Both sides need to be embraced.”









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