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The latest single from Allan and Barb Vest comes ahead of their new LP Treat Her Strangely

doubleVee (Image: Instagram)

If you were an avid viewer of such popular television fare of the 2000s as One Tree Hill, Californication or Malcolm in the Middle, you’ve been exposed to the quirky orchestral indie pop brilliance of The Starlight Mints. 

And though the Mints are no more, the artistry of its primary brainchild, Allan Vest, is alive and well in the form of doubleVee with his wife Barb Vest [née Hendrickson]. Together, the couple deliver a sharper, more guitar-and-synth-driven brand of melody reminiscent of an intriguing studio fantasy where Elvis Costello cut a surprise record with Garbage. 

The new doubleVee LP, Treat Her Strangely, continues to accentuate the strength of the Vests’ sonic compatability as they head into their 10th year as a group. 

The conception of these nine new songs took root during the height of the pandemic, with their new material written and recorded while staying put in their home studio, attempting to keep themselves, their loved ones and others safe from the virus.  

The album was produced and recorded by Allan Vest and co-produced by Barb Vest.  It was mixed and mastered by Wes Sharon at 115 Recording in Norman, Oklahoma,  and co-mixed by Allan and Barb.  

Treat Her Strangely will be released on CD, digital download and via streaming platforms on July 15th. However, you can get another early taste of the album with the video premiere of the new single “The Question’s Closed” today on the site.

doubleVee Treat Her Strangely, self-released 2022

“The Question’s Closed was the next-to-last song we wrote and recorded in our home studio for our new album,” Allan tells Rock & Roll Globe about the song. “Barb spear-headed the melody, lyrics, concept and vibe, initially trying some intensely personal lyrics with it before deciding it would be best for it to be more universal. The song tells the tale of the end of a passionate relationship, with the protagonist talking herself out of dwelling on anything holding her back as she takes stock of the relationship and her future, leaving metaphorical fires in her wake.”

Perhaps in a bit of a subliminal nod to the Starlight Mints days, three guest musicians recorded parts on various songs on the album:  Brent Williams handled violin and viola, Christi Wans played the trumpet and piccolo trumpet and Kevin Webb performed trombone parts. And Williams’ input on “The Question’s Closed” no doubt lends a key factor to giving the song its New Wave sheen. 

“Strings were never really considered for the hook until we asked our violinist friend Brent Williams if he wanted to try some to lay over the synth that Barb had played, as we finished up recording his planned parts on our songs,” explains Vest. “We loved the creative process of layering all the soundscapes using some experimental loops along with an overdubbed bass lead line on the verses.”

The video, meanwhile, was also produced and directed by the Vests at home.

“‘The Question’s Closed’ is accompanied by a music video shot on our Osmo Pocket camera, with the directing and editing handled by us, since we needed to be resourceful and keep our expenses in check,” he admits. “It definitely has a DIY look to it, but we think it fits the vibe of the song and hope it gets the message out that sometimes it’s best for the question to be closed.” 

Pre-order Treat Her Strangely here, and watch the video below. 


 VIDEO: doubleVee “The Question’s Closed”




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