The Neverending Quarantine Concert Series Vol. III

Five more outstanding live performances from this lockdown situation

Andrea Bocelli on the steps of the Duomo Milano (Photo courtesy of Decca Records)

What are we heading into week four of this quarantine?

Well, at least those of us who are actually listening to the scientists and civic leaders with actual math and facts behind this disgusting, horrible virus.

But the last couple of weeks have seen more and more big time players in modern music stepping into that webcam life, be it acoustic performances, practice sessions, DJ sets or legit full-on concerts from parts unknown.

Here are five in particular that I have bookmarked on Firefox this week.


1. DJ Premier vs. The RZA

Holy Saturday got a lot more divine when the Twin Towers of NYC hip-hop delivered the soundclash of the century on Instagram Live, going cut for cut on 20 bangers apiece across 3 hours of pure rap nirvana. And then to have them telling these inside stories from back in the day, where the journalists were shut out. For true fans of New York hip-hop, this is Art Blakey and Elvin Jones having a drum battle and then grabbing a cup of coffee afterwards.  


VIDEO: Primo vs. The Abbott BONG BONG BONG


2. Curt Smith and Daughter perform “Mad World”

You really can’t help but wince and hope for the best when someone decides to jam with their kid and post it on YouTube, amirite? But this gorgeous version of Tears for Fears’ ” Mad World” performed by Curt Smith and his daughter Diva was like a little daisy that sprung from the crack of a cold street corner the Monday after a weekend where we lost both Adam Schlesinger and Bill Withers.


VIDEO: Curt and Diva Smith “Mad World”


3. Questlove Presents Midnight Marvin

Gonna be honest with you, guys. I’ve been a diehard Roots fan for 25 years now. But Jimmy Fallon is killing them on me, man. I’m sorry. If you feel the same as me tho, please direct yourself to this palate cleanser of a masterclass on Marvin Gaye conducted in the upstairs of Questlove’s house over a span of four and a half hours, providing such interesting insight into every deep cut he busts out.  People pay top dollar to go see Quest spin live and he’s giving it to us for free while we are all at home. This is perfect to let ride in the background while you are busy doing other things. 


VIDEO: Questlove Presents Midnight Marvin


4. Erykah Badu Quarantine Concert Series

It’s as simple as typing “Erykah Quarantine” into the YouTube search engine to unlock what’s gotta be at least a 75 minute album’s worth of jams from the Doula of Soul and her band since the stay-at-home order began. Setting up different session rooms around her house, Erykah lets those watching on YouTube vote on which room she should play in when they are live on air. And obviously the coolest stuff comes out of the experimental room which may or may not be the family den, where Badu not only showcases her singular voice but also her leadership behind a rack of keyboards that would make recent Birthday Boy Herbie Hancock jealous.


VIDEO: Erykah Badu “Loving Me” live from the Experimental Room


5. Andrea Bocelli Music For Hope Live From Milan, Italy on Easter Sunday

“We will hug this Earth’s wounded  heart,” proclaimed opera singer Andrea Bocelli from the altar of the Duomo in Milan, Italy before performing an arresting concert seen by nearly 3 million people across the Globe on Easter Sunday. With the assistance of the church’s grand organ, Bocelli–adorned in a simple black tuxedo–sang before an empty cathedral intercut with aerial footage of city streets across Italy quiet and still–possibly the last time we will ever see such bustling European cities so silent in our lives. Even if you don’t celebrate the Catholic holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, its impossible to not get the feels when Bocelli sings “Ave Maria” on the steps of the Duomo.


VIDEO: Andrea Bocelli Music For Hope




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