LISTEN: Tatum Gale Aims A “Poison Darty” At Yr Heart

Pretty Green, the debut album from the rising New Orleans hyperpop artist, due out in 2023

Tatum Gale (Image: Tell All Your Friends PR)

The anticipated debut album from New Orleans hyperpop sensation Tatum Gale, Pretty Green, might not be coming out until May 2023. 

But the indietronica upstart continues to leak out music from the forthcoming LP, the latest being the after-hours flavored “Poison Darty,” which the Rock & Roll Globe is happy to premiere the morning of its official release. 

Working in collaboration with longtime partner Laura Jinn, Gale offers a taste of things to come on Pretty Green through this single. It’s the sound of what it feels like during that point in the night where its too early to go home and too late to find another club to dance in, creating a hazy headspace familiar to anyone who ever pulled an all-nighter. It’s the pulsing soundtrack to the long drive home. 

“Poison Darty” single art (Image: Tatum Gale)

The track is also a telling glimpse into what to expect from Pretty Green, which runs the gambit of found sounds, big beats and infectious grooves that were largely conspired during the pandemic lockdown.

“Pretty Green as a title is meant as an expression of hope that the Earth can, in fact, be saved, and that you must carve out your own ways to support yourself and those you love,” Gale says. “But it’s also an acknowledgment of the artist’s relative helplessness—especially when you’re just starting out.” 

Fans of Toro Y Moi, James Blake and Four Tet, make sure you give a listen to “Poison Darty” below and follow Tatum Gale at his BandCamp page here.



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