LISTEN: Astrologer Returns With Legerdemain R

Hear a sneak peek of the Arizona outfit’s forthcoming EP a day before it’s release

Astrologer (Image: Lolipop Records)

Astrologer is the musical brainchild of songwriter Andrew Cameron Cline, who along with an ensemble of collaborators, cradle a warm pastiche of experimental pop beauty. 

With material both personal and universal, disparate, and familiar, the common thread running through Astrologer’s songs is Cline’s whimsical sincerity and wonder, a trend that continues on his latest EP, Legerdemain R.

“This EP is the second and final part of my Legerdemain project,” explains Cline. “It was originally framed as a full length album but over the course of recording it became clear it would need to be split. Both EPs were influenced heavily by the death of my father, and the disintegration of my relationship with the mother of my son, Julian. 

Astrologer Legerdemain R, Lolipop Records 2022

“By the time we began recording, the world had been plunged into the woes of a left-field pandemic. My personal grief and fear for the future informed every part of these recordings. At the time, I didn’t know if I wanted to make music anymore, and, even if I did, I was unsure I would ever get another chance. With all that in mind, Wyatt Blair and I seized upon any and every idea we had: every recording trick, every type of song we’d like to make. We followed every whim and tried everything I wanted to, just in case I wouldn’t make another record. That’s why it feels a bit schizophrenic in it’s approach. Its our mix tape.”

He also cites the connection between himself and EP collaborator Candy Caballero–joining the likes of Don Bolles of The Germs, Nick Florence and Brooke Prince on this set–as a key component of this release’s warmth and creativity. 

“Sometime during the recording of the second half of the EP, I met Candy and fell in love,” he states. “Some of that sunshine and joy made it into this second set of songs. It is a set of songs that carry a bit more warmth and romance than the first EP, which was more deeply connected with grief. Making Legerdemain Right was a manic experience, and was a product of late nights among friends like Nick, Don and Brooke. I am very happy to be able to finally be done with this particular project and give it to the world. That is where it belongs.”

Listen to Legerdemain R, which officially comes out tomorrow, below. 


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