LISTEN: Gold Record “Candy Cane”

After 5 EPs released across the pandemic, this fresh new Bay Area band end a quarantined year with a bit of yuletide cheer

Gold Record 2020 (Art: Ron Hart)

Formed In 2020 amidst the pandemic by four cats from New Mexico and the Bay Area, Gold Record could very well be the first true rock band formed in the immediacy of the era of TikTok and Zoom. 

They claim the inspiration of their sound exists within the year 1973 and two years into the future in 2022. And when you listen to their outstanding new holiday single “Candy Cane,” it sounds about accurate given the Shaun Cassidy-floating-in-Travis-Scott’s-Astroworld vibe the song’s got going on. It is indeed an early slice of yuletide pie for the Rock & Roll Globe to premiere this future Xmas staple this morning on the site, the first single off their forthcoming release EP VOLUME XMAS, mixed by the renowned Alex Newport and produced by STRNGS.



“The chord progression came first,” explains singer Noah Clark in regards to the single. “I recorded it along with the percussion loop and took some time to listen to it while on a run in Lake Tahoe. It was never meant to be a Christmas song, but the melody in my head just only sounded correct to me when the words candy cane were in there. So, I just leaned into it and wrote 4 holiday songs. So fun.”

“An ongoing mantra for this group has been ‘first idea / best idea’, so even ideas that appear silly at first get very seriously considered,” adds bassist Evan Michalski.  “As we looked into developing what became the Christmas songs – they fell into a really nice vibe and split the difference between being a bit silly, but also legitimately good and funky.  Every time we talked about it, it cracked us up and brought a lot of joy.  How could we say no to that?  Plus the thought of then letting Alex Newport loose on the songs to scuzz them up a bit and end with something weird and great was very appealing.” 

VOLUME XMAS is preceeded by five other EPs released across the year on their BandCamp page. We suggest you listen to them all, especially if you are a fan of where the likes of The 1975, Blood Orange and Shamir are taking rock ‘n’ roll into the second decade of the 21st century.

Gold Record will end 2020 with a Christmas EP and release a song every 2 weeks through 2021.



Gold Record “Candy Cane” volumexmas letsgetafterit

♬ original sound – GOLD RECORD


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